in the Shadow of Greatness


September 30, 2002

Rules of Chaos

The Courts of Chaos ::
a strange land that holds the ancestral heritage of Amber in the Bloody Grievance, we learned these odd rules:
1 :: Ritual and Tradition are All
2 :: Chaosian promotion is quick, usually over the corpse of a dishonorable superior officer
3 :: Never apologize to a Chaosian
4 :: A Duel can settle any problem
5 :: Common language breeds uncommon misunderstanding
6 :: Never stick a freshly forged Grayswandir in the soil of Amber
(and thanks to Jenn)
7 :: Always avoid the unstoppable dragon, Arden
(and thanks to Kris)
8 :: Don't transfer Dworkin's wounds onto self

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