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September 24, 2002

ACN 2002: In short, it was amazing.

Well, I almost blogged from downtown Toronto— but was having too much fun to make an entry. What to say about Toronto and AmberCon North 2002? In short, it was amazing. Amazing roleplay, great games, chances to meet people I've only "seen" online, chances to play with folks I haven't gamed with before, and a nice bevy of familiar faces at the con. I've thought about giving a game by game account here, but don't know that I could do it justice— or catch the flavor— or that you all would find it interesting at all. Some of you have probably been to gaming cons. AmberCon North has several strengths. The city is an amazing place. There's walking distance to all sorts of foods, markets, and shopping. The con is often less than fifty people, so it has a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The cost breaks for Americans are pretty good. You can also get the GST tax rebated fairly easily, which amounts to about 40 or 50 dollars Canadian off your final room bill. The weather can be anything from light rain to clear-blue Amber quality skies, but the odds of fair and cool weather are really good. The hotel has improved its service and appearance each year I've gone. This year the whole city seemed to be abuzz with good cheer and smiling people. Game slots at ACN are well-positioned, and generally I've never had any problem getting the games I'm interested in when I'm at ACN. Unless, of course, I'm running something at the same time that another game I like the look of is playing. Ah, well. Nothing different about that at any Con. I recommend AmberCon North. It really rocks. You should try it.

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