in the Shadow of Greatness


August 26, 2002


Well, turn your back on the Amber Mailing List for two days . . . and find 150 messages waiting for you —- and one of them references this blog. It took me most of last night to catch up to all that mail (dial up connection, best I can do). I admire Madeline quite a bit. She presented the topic nicely. She raised the issue of the List's "bad" reputation for pushing away new people and for not being a very supportive place. Only about half of the responses addressed the topic squarely, IMHO. The best part was that a lot of infrequent voices were heard in the responses that were on-topic. Some old list members chimed in, too, which was excellent. The worst part is that I'm not sure what to say to add anything. Ginger's old post on this is directly ref'd by Madeline. I guess I've written about this once or twice here already (one of those posts was referenced by Ginger, and the archived comments from that post are still good reading). Jim's old comment grates still on me. I've sent new folks to the Mailing List. Their reception, the responses to their questions or tentative offerings have been pretty bad. So am I picking lousy people to interest in the List? Are admirers of the Amber DRPG not good in a Mailing List format? When I see long-time community members dropping the List, or running from it because it bruises their sensibility or raises their blood-pressure, I admit to wondering. There is always the DELETE key. But why is the civility of the List so bad? It's definitely better than most public forums I've seen.
I don't have an answer. I'm going to re-read some of the material I went through last night. And then I probably still won't have an answer. Lists are ?naturally? contentious?

"And pissing in the kung pao really discourages people from bringing new things to the table, which is what the AML should be about."

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