in the Shadow of Greatness


June 27, 2002

Trump Symbols in Cards

Trump Symbols in cards IMC, I've enjoyed using symbols in the Trumps of the Youngers. Most of the younger characters are having Trumps done by people other than Fiona and Dworkin. These Trump are much more "open" and revealing, because I play that Trump is just as you suggest, capturing some essence of the character. So symbols creep into the images (or the Trump can only be completed if done with certain backgrounds, etc.) Dworkin "held back" on this sort of thing in his Trumps of the family. IMC, the Trumps of Chaos are stiff and much more medieval in feel— exactly because those of Chaos do not like having such revealing cards. The Trump 'tradition' there is to render much more shallow interpretations, and these cards do not work as well as Amber's, do not have as much power. Just one more idea that Dworkin came up with that bothered people in the Courts.

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