in the Shadow of Greatness


June 18, 2002

Common Chaos Shaping

Based on a comment from Jvstin, I'd make these additions to 'Common Chaos Shaping' and the Logrus:

Chaos Shaping

1. You have one extra form for every rank of endurance. Human Endurance would give you one extra form. Chaos Endurance would give you two extra forms. These forms are detailed to the GM at game start.
2. You change forms based on speed of your Strength, this means that Endurance and Psyche actions are faster than form changes, but Warfare is not.
3. You may leave one form "slot" as "un-fixed form" for every 4 effective ranks of Psyche. Amber Psyche would allow one "flex" slot. An "unfixed form" is a slower change, since you are not moving to a 'base form', you are improvising upon it. Note also the "unfixed form" means you can tweak some base form, which you choose. So, for example, a human form could be "unfixed form" and various small tweaks of the human form are then possible.
4. Logrus initiation requires at least Common Chaos Shaping or some equal or greater variant. Odds of passing the initiation with only Common Shaping are somewhat reduced (based on statistics).
5. GMs may wish to note that base forms are often defined at an early age, before Logrus initiation, but in some cases, learned base forms change or distort permanently due to Logrus Madness.

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