in the Shadow of Greatness


June 17, 2002

Peter Pan and Naturaelusus

Interesting cross-reference of no special import— in BÍte Noire, the letter game, I'm playing out a curse on my PC, Naturaelusus, of eternal immature youth... immortality gone wrong. There is an inherent sadness and joy in the legend of Peter Pan... I'm trying to capture both mood extremes in the Noire character. Through a glass, darkly writes the following about the movie "Hook"—-

But there is a scene where Robin Williams (as Peter) is struggling to regain his memory after growing up to become this corporate shark. Julia Roberts (as Tinkerbell) walks him through his entire surrender to adulthood and the loss of innocence and coming of heartbreak. Finally she says, "No wonder you couldn't find your happy thought— there were so many sad ones."
It is my plan in Noire, to make something greater of this aspect...

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