in the Shadow of Greatness


June 10, 2002

GM Vision

GM Vision
You have only so much time to game. You want a good, enjoyable experience, you want to add something to the game, to the community of the game, perhaps even to the range of gaming experience. You can't do that if you don't understand the GM's Vision of the game. The Shadow and Substance of that particular game. If you don't know where the GM is coming from, you can't play a knowledgeable character. You feel helpless and lost, you don't have your measure of contribution and control. How powerful is sorcery? How flexible is shapeshifting? How dangerous is Logrus? Does Logrus even exist? How much Zelazny to you keep? How much Wujcik? Attributes control what conflict expertise? How many Attributes? The game really needs a fast checklist of these features, something that supplies a shorthand to the gamer. Does this game suit you? Can you Trust this GM to take you on an interesting ride? Because some people like the roller coaster and some like the ferris wheel, but some will only try the carousel. If the GM is going to try for a carousel adventure, with a hint of roller coaster, it would be nice to say it up front. Sure, it takes some of the mystery out of it, but a descriptive blurb can't really touch the checklist of issues inherent in a game as flexible as Amber DRPG.
Send me your thoughts, I'm building the checklist now. (footnote to item on Trust from 2/14/2002)

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