in the Shadow of Greatness


June 7, 2002

Unsure on DoA

I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Decidely negative, but the die is cast, as it were. Zelazny's estate made the decision: there will be more Amber books. To keep on open mind, I will probably read the first of what is supposed to be three. I am firmly on the side of creator's rights, and Zelazny is said to have been quite firm about no one else doing such works. In the modern world, however, saying it isn't enough, you have to write it down in your will. Roger didn't do that apparently. So I'm writing this down. If I die with no other instructions, I want my "Arref" web content to go to my RFL, if she has not survived me, then to Paul Jvstin Weimer, if neither of them have survived then to MaBarry. Ha!! Other web content authored by me is not part of these instructions.

[udpate: Right, the irony of Dead On Arrival is not lost]

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