in the Shadow of Greatness


June 6, 2002

Anticipation and Defense

Turn of a Friendly Die "Amberites anticipate and defend against everything" seems to me to be a fundamental misunderstanding of Amberites.
I agree that the best Amber feel is that "come from behind" and "ok, you've had your chance, now watch me" sort of play. Has a lot to do with our narrators in the ten books...and with many Noir concepts of the 'down on their luck' protagonists who are never really out of the fight. It makes the game stale when the Elders or even the Players have an answer for everything, or even when they act as though they do. The powers and range of the universe are mighty indeed, the amberites, powerful as they may be, are good with a "best defense is a good offense" sort of attitude. Of course, I don't see every amberite this way. Just a gross generalization.

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