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May 30, 2002

I am Not Arref

With suitable kudos to Mr. Nimoy and his autobiography I Am Not Spock

I Am Not Arref Mak
Let us set the record straight, since it may be important to you. I am not Arref.

Arref Mak was a historian, philosopher, and scholar of the Museum of Magic in the country of Helm of the dimension of Nerth. Arref was a magician of startlingly meager talent. Arref was an old man of modest beard and sunny disposition, who liked his oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon and a single pat of butter. Aha, you see, I know a lot about Arref, for I am the fella who created him.

That's right. He's a fictional character. A roleplaying character.

Arref was fond of quotes (quoting himself as his favorite author), and had barely a lick of practical field experience. He did have an insatiable curiosity about ancient history, particularly the history of things "better left interred". The history of issues that people wanted buried was like catnip to him.

Though he rarely left the Museum. Arref was an eclectic scavenger of information. He pestered and paid the adventurers of the frontier to hand over tales and tidbits of their travels. Then he would retreat to his library and speculate, analyze, and attempt to fit together the true tapestry of events of the past.

He knew the whole story of the past was not truly written yet, for he had not written it. Though he had his charms, you might say that Arref was a bit of a fool for his work and his interests.

Back in the foggy years when I first climbed on the Internet, there were many things said about how the Internet would make use of your digital footsteps in that strange realm. How the information would be used of your passage; even to how the strange flickers of identity you could correspond with would try to take advantage of you.

It was a phantom world with unknown dangers.

So as a pledge to my Reason-For-Living and myself� I decided to explore that phantom world in the guise of my old friend, Arref (it helped that his name seemed to have no searchable references already present.) I knew Arref was just the sort of person to make friends easily and explore new things ruthlessly.

You see, among his other qualities, Arref never knew when he was in over his head. No bit of information could intimidate him, no dark mystery was too frightening, or could really lead to horrible consequence. He was fearless in the way that children are.

So there you have it. I set the record straight at last. I am not the man that Arref was. I am merely a pretender. But some day� perhaps I will be as fearless.

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