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May 28, 2002

Top Five Things to Fix the DRPG

Good theme to comment on a blog: inspired by the Amber Mail List: Top Five Things to Fix in the Amber DRPG:
5. The tone of GM "screwing the players". This needs clarity and wisdom applied. This is a diceless game, we can't start off the damn thing by starting a "lose-lose" scenario with the players.
4. Better examples and theme to Sorcery and Conjuration. Examples of play, by way of the canon, and alternate expression of how effective sorcery is against typical play. Keeping Sorcery clumsy and yet special is important.
3. Throw out the Advanced Power Packages and replace with item lists assembled by themes. Give the GM some idea of how to arbitrate advanced powers...more importantly, make most advanced powers acquired within the story of the game.
2. Sliding scale of real-world assessment of Amber/Chaos Attributes. Put some examples into the Attributes section, allow for everything from Amber being 120% as effective as human Amber being the greatest ever example of skill. Somewhere in here, expand the examples of Attribute vs Attribute choices. How can Strength beat Psyche? What are the smart ploys for Warfare vs Strength?
1. Modify Items, Creatures, and Demons so that they are story elements instead of player crutches. Tweak the system to show flexibility and style, since everything that pulls points from the character weakens them in head-to-head play with other characters.

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