in the Shadow of Greatness


May 22, 2002

Performance Anxiety

Con games: performance anxiety: I get tense, jitters, butterflies in the stomach, especially with a list of strangers. Which means Ginger is probably right about it all.

Turn of a Friendly Die It takes trust and intimacy to build a really good game.
And from Epoch:
Random Reminiscences Meera, who's a very nice person, despite being so jaded and debauched, said that she wants to play in "an Epoch game" at ACNW. I could never admit this in public, but if Ginger is right that gaming is like sex, then I think I have performance anxiety.
Ahem...of course, I'd like to play in an Epoch game as well. And a Ginger game. I finally got into a Meera game.

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