in the Shadow of Greatness


May 22, 2002

Trump Calls You Wish You Hadn't Made

More in the vein of Awkward Trump scenes.
1. Player is busy— things are happening— but they just have to Trump (insert patron Elder here) to tell them about "x good/bad thing". The Trump connection comes slowly, or is brushed aside once or twice. Image clears unsteadily, but Player finds Trump image rotating slowly off-axis. Patron NPC is chained and drugged and barely conscious. Then connection fails.
2. Player must get through to (insert sorceror cousin here), but Trump is difficult to make. Finally connects. Side-view, Cousin galloping for life, arrows/energy-sparks zip past his/her head as they try to escape something behind them. Player: "What's happening?" Cousin: "Forget that! Bring me through, dammit!" Player: "OK. Give me your hand." (reaching) Cousin: "Thanks!" (leaning towards, extending hand) Arrow/energy-spark slams into Cousin's back :: end of Trump connection.
3. Player must contact King. Trump refused. Keep trying. Refused with vigor. Urgent: keep trying. Hard block, no chance to get through. Ah, Trump tap out jazz refrain from 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' and see if King can deny curiousity. Pause. Trump connection accepted. King is in bed with Player's mother. "What the hell is it?"

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