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May 17, 2002

Strange Bedfellows FAQ & House Rules

Strange Bedfellows FAQ and House Rules: this excerpt on Trump

What does a Trump Call actually feel like? This is one of those things not actually really explained anywhere, and the ideas on how Trump calls actually work are many. It took a extended trump contact in my campaign to really force the issue on me. So, here goes, and I will use two imaginary Amberites, Jeanne and Justin. Justin, on Earth, takes out his trump of Jeanne and concentrates on it. Jeanne, who is in the gardens of Castle Amber, gets the feel of a Trump contact. She stops and opens her mind to the contact. Now, both of them can see the immediate area around the other. Justin can see Jeanne is in a garden...and Jeanne can see Justin is in a club. Sound, however, is something only transmitted to Trump Artists. So, Jeanne would generally not hear the loud music, but could see people dancing in the background, and Justin could not hear the buzz of a bee bothering Jeanne. When two people "speak" in a Trump contact, generally it is mind to mind communication, unless the person favors speaking aloud in contacts. Thus, Jeanne's cousin Indigo, who was standing next to her, would never hear what Justin has to say...and would only hear Jeanne if she verbalized her words.
Good subject; and a complete answer by Jvstin. Here's how I address it, and the variations I use as well. For as I may have said elsewhere, Trump is a perceptual Art and it varies by user and teacher.
1. Princess takes out her Trump of Prince, concentrates on it, and begins to feel progress.
2. Prince is not overly occupied. He suddenly senses a slight chill creeping over his scalp, lingering at his temples. Prince knows someone is trying to use his Trump. He checks his dagger, and decides to take the call. He centers his mind on the cold sensation. He verbally asks, "Who?"
3. Princess feels the Trump contact opening. She sees nothing yet, but hears, "Who?" from Prince. "It's Princess," she replies.
4. Prince nods and relaxes. He sees a visual of Princess begin to appear to his eye. Princess begins to see Prince. Both users are privy to a "natural Trump window". Sounds are muted unless they are spilling directly through this imaginary window. Folks not in line with this window see nothing and hear little. The Trump window is one-quarter physical, it is three-quarters perceptual. Prince cannot throw a punch at Princess. Princess cannot spit poison into Prince's eyes. Most Trump contacts are spoken IMC, though it is easy to take the contact to a mental level. Doing so, however, allows mental touch. Characters in mental touch are subject to Psyche actions.
5. Special effects and control of the Trump Window are possible for a Trump Artist. For instance, Trump contact can be made while the window is "blacked out".
As far as canon goes, I'm not certain it qualifies... but has a good flavor and good game mechanics. It is worth noting that I require two steps to mental contact IMC, and Trump can qualify as the first step.

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