in the Shadow of Greatness


May 8, 2002

Carmella from Bete Noire

Carmella From Bete Noire

Close confidant of Princess Florimel and once Countess of Montenegro. Carmella's association with Flora predates the princess' tour of shadow Earth. Carmella is an accomplished sorceress with a biting sense of humor. Regardless of her own strong personality, Carmella often fell into various 'adjunct' roles in Florimel's plans and travels. In the six years since Flora's death, Carmella has begun to age.
One of the strengths of Amber DRPG is the cast supplied by Zelazny. And one of the interesting permutations of this is the way that any GM can take the material another step or two. As with Corwin, our trusty narrator, the immortals would be less without the mortals that they choose to associate themselves with. Bill Roth. Droppa. Red Hot Ryerson. Carmella. As mortals ourselves, the immortal royals are most accessible to us through their familiars. Or perhaps our egos are best served by the companions in lieu of the principal players.

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