in the Shadow of Greatness


April 26, 2002

Generations and Society in Amber

Generations and society in Amber — reprinted here for finding later, my own comments on the Amber Mail List Part of Amber's population growth might leave by expansion. But the birth rate is an issue (what to do with the slow turnover by death?) Deaths in childbirth do happen, even though the art of medicine is fairly good. But change the biocycle of women in Amber and you might change the dynamic of generations without a ripple of disturbance in canon. General 'glowing health' is also the way I see Amber. The body restores itself because that is a natural fact. Joints wear more slowly because the material is literally harder and more resilient. And in that overall picture of health, I have never seen women as carrying the physical burden of menopause or menstruation. It's my observation that most shadow-women believe the monthly cycle to be a darn strange way to design bio-plumbing. What if it is imperfect reflection of the ideal? Should the body really 'breakdown' monthly to prepare for 'creation'? And is menopause really likely in Amber? I've done away with it. The women of Amber are bio-fertile all the time. However, they become pregnant based on 'need' and 'intimacy'. Body and spirit must by in synch for the creation crucible to spark. If a woman does not have the comfort and belief in what she is doing, then there is no child possible. This introduces some alchemic philosophy to the idea of pregnancy and becomes even more pertinent with the spark of a legend (ie an Amber Royal). Children in Amber are always wanted (at least by the women).

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