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April 26, 2002

Thriving Blog Community

What She Really Thinks

And the fact that there's a thriving Amber blog community hasn't killed the Amber mailing list yet. So there's no reason to be pessimistic about blogs killing mailing lists, any more than there's a reason to believe blogs will utterly destroy Journalism As We Know It next week. ——
-from Ginger
The Amber Mailing list is a subject I've touched before, talking about its mix of Elders and Young Royals... I have no desire to see it lose initiates, as it takes in all comers, and really introduces a lot of fantastic resources to players/GMs of any level. The Mailing List is the Pattern of our shadow. If you have an interest in Amber, the list is almost Essential—- but Amber Blogging is the Higher Inititiation. (laughing) Merlin was denied, but you can hang out at Amber Blogs and get lots of insights that will never pop up on the List.

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