in the Shadow of Greatness


March 26, 2002

The Shadows Lie For Us

How many GMs play this into complications?

One of the endearing traits of Amber DRPG is that the metaphysics of the powers are yours to control/create. (Although I've always done this is ALL the games I've run regardless of system. It's just more obvious and important in Amber.) When shadow lies— that means that deceptions like apropos clothing, age, mannerisms will cloak an amberite as s/he moves into a new shadow. Sometimes defensive/protective in nature— but also prone to trouble. Because at base, amberites DO have their own culture and bias. So what happens, for instance, when Corwin walks into a culture where everyone has amnesia? Where the only memory most folks have is short term memory? He wouldn't even realize he was stuck in a trap, for wouldn't the environ lull him into accepting his memory loss?

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