in the Shadow of Greatness


March 12, 2002


Mimsy, if this is working, then you've noticed the xhaspiders. I'm sorry about this. Everything is so cold here. Laughable. The Trumps aren't working, what few I have. You'd laugh, Mimsy, thinking I looked like a drowned rat hung upside down to air out. The cold goes deep into my wounds, but it means I bleed less. I should stay focused. The zarkspiders don't trip the wards. I can get them in here, and send them out again. I don't think you'll really get the ones that I'm broadcasting to— but shadow should lie for me enough that anything spider-like where you are can spin some sort of message-tapestry. Nrrf my ass! It's cold! I think the cold has something to do with stopping the Trumps. I hope it is warm where you are. Well, you were right, of course— but I was right too. Or I prefer to think I'm pinned here because I was more right than not. I still don't know who's at fault. Who is working against us. I did find Crimson Koth and talk to her in the lava beds of Mhallik Dunn. It was her dragon-breath that broke the carry-shell we found in the caverns of Kolvir. Inside was a Clock! A thing of silver gears and faint flickers of Pattern-trace on its workings. A black face with Thari inscriptions. I'm positive it was divided as the Chaos day. Wait until you see this Clock. I want you to go get it. I hid it at the bottom of a lake not too far south of the Golden Circle. Large toughs out of shadow were following me— but I'm sure you can get it. These fellows had plenty of bulk, heavy brows, and knew how to keep track of me through the shadow-veils. Mimsy, I wonder that the Clock might be something that Grandfather Oberon tossed aside. I know of no one else who might have been interested in such a puzzle. Actually, I wish I had the Clock with me. It wouldn't surprise me if fooling with it could get me out of here. Not that they wouldn't have taken it off me before they hung me up. Nrrf! I don't know you're getting this and I don't think I've kept on track with everything I was going to say. My head feels like it is a split melon. They did me a good one. Send me a message back anyway you can. I need to know you're getting this. Mimsy, tell the Lady of the Lake that I said you should have the Clock. Tell her, "Keeper Naturaelusus sent you to fetch it." Be well, Mimsy. Send a damned blanket if you can. These nrrf xha will take forever to make one.

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