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March 1, 2002

IMC :: the Tricks of Rebma

I'm going to collect some of this here—as my Rebma page can always use more content.

—M wrote:
It's more, though, that Rebma is just mind-numbingly boring, and I'm trying to come up with some reason to visit it other than "I have to talk to Llewella." :)
Other people probably have given this more thought, and I'd love to hear their tricks...

Rebma tricks:
1. politics: Moire and Llewella represent family ties (Martin, etc) and some of the combat strength of Amber. Try a naval battle without Rebma a neutral party.

2. sex: Oberon, Eric, Corwin, Random, all found something about Rebma that reflected a unique attraction. Could it be *the women*? IMC, there is Athanor blood in the Tribes that came to Lir's call. And no small part of the royal lineage of Rebma is the blood of sirens. And the women of the royal line cooperate—- boy, do they cooperate!

3. arcane secrets: the Pattern, the rings of Moire, the spikard shown but not mentioned (oops, forgot to give the first series purist warning), the protections of a realm that are more arcane than the earthly ones of Amber.

4. maturity: Rebma is boring—if you don't have time to invest yourself in the Emerald City, it doesn't have time for you. So young amberites easily get the cold shoulder here. Trot out the diplomats, the relationship-driven cousins and things can change.

5. shadows: note the kind of shadows that Rebma reflects, dark citadels of sorcerous power, high-tech stations floating in a dwarf star system, hidden cities. Lot's of things to explore in such places... including monstrosities.

—M wrote: This hadn't actually occurred to me as a lure, though I have encountered Rebman promiscuity in many games. Even been a part of. Huh! I dunno. As a player, it seems that generally when PCs want to get laid without much work, they need go no further than the brothels of Amber. How could a GM make Rebma seem like it was worth the trip?

—Kris Fazzari wrote:
The novelty of sex underwater? Certainly, the effect of gravity appears to be lessened.

—Claire Bickell wrote:
Because they're somehow bewitching and it's a bit of a dare/right of passage to try and prove oneself immune?
Or maybe they just have kinky skills that are so jealously guarded that nobody else knows them?

All excellent points. I think it is possible that a prince of Amber might go 'fishing' for such information and experience, or rumors of such. Particularly Random since his 'skill set' might overlap these issues. :) The maternal line of royalty in Rebma has talents for relationships, whether formal, arcane, kinky, or otherwise. And as a GM, I don't encourage trips to Rebma, as Llewella goes out of her way to make Rebma seem boring and unimportant. She is one of its guardians.

As for brothels, if young Amberites do anything at all 'without much work' then they are the navigators of their own result. They can remain blissful of their relative success. Amber does have some very nice brothels, and Rebmans can be difficult to get to know, even if they are disposed towards you. Results are derived from desire, focus, and practice as with shadow. I think there are plenty of examples of our 'faithful narrator' explaining that there is nothing like Amber's air, or the colors of Amber, or the other sensory delights of the center of all things. Perhaps this is only my own extrapolation of bare hints... However the sons of daughters of Oberon pick-up on this stuff in different ways, at different speeds, or not at all. An Amberite with good values in Endurance and Strength has better perceptions and judgment about sex and other advanced bodily states. Endurance has mystic and analytical components that are underused (more in the gaming practice than the canon).

Ginger Stampley wrote: Who watches from the shadows in the turbulent waters where you seek the answers to these questions? And who would silence you rather than have the truth run free like blood in the waves?

Cool. IMC, the Rebmans have made alliance with Amber for most of its existence. This has always been costly. Just as Oberon lost many (unremembered) sons and daughters before Corwin's time—-Rebma lost many heroes and royals in the defense of Amber. While Oberon respected this— Eric and the others were largely ignorant of it. Moire and Llewella did not appreciate that ignorance, while they also saw no reason to illuminate it.

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