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February 28, 2002

Stimulating AML

I've admitted something elsewhere in blog-land—- I don't think the traffic on Amber Mail List has been stimulating or conducive to such for a while. Ginger calls it—-ossified. Setting aside some nice things she said about me and others, I would like to add that there are probably more interesting minds on the Amber List than any I've encountered anywhere at any time in my life. Unfortunately, the List is a shadow of the harsh crits I've seen Amber DRPG get.

1. Elders are unfeeling and without compassion for youngers. Who needs them?
2. Elders never make mistakes, and if it appears they have, you're wrong, you just don't know enough.
3. Elders turn everything into a zero sum game. They win, you lose.
4. Elders have already thought of everything you might think of, and are prepared in advance to squelch your ideas and plans for the immature and foolish things they truly are.

Now in response to this, I am prepared to defend my favorite game, (if not the Mail List):

1. Elders invest compassion for youngers once they have a better measure of them. First impressions are hardly ever adequate. Other Elders note such relationships and put much more thought into them than may be needed, but that's what families are like.
2. Elders never make small mistakes, and if it appears they have, you're wrong. It's probably a large mistake which the Elder is good at hiding. Help them out of a bind and they may owe you a favor. Like helping you out of your mistakes, large and small.
3. Elders game with opponents of equal measure. They like to win, but save their invective for worthy foes. If you think one of them is petty, see number 2 above.
4. Elders were young once, they just don't remember it well. Everything you might think of has probably crossed their minds, but the world is always a slightly different place than it was last century. Yes, you might be young and boring, but you might also have stimulus and inspiration that just weren't around a hundred years ago. Stay in the game. It could be worth it just for what you pick up from the edges.
So does that tell me anything about staying on the Mail List? Probably.

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