in the Shadow of Greatness


February 26, 2002

What's in a name?

What's in a name? I'm always intrigued by words, and given names are a close second in fascination. In the game of Amber, the name you give your character lasts forever and generates a series of shadow-myths through infinite shadow. As such, the name should be very strong, but very flexible. It should inspire myth, but not simulate it. Here are some that I've seen that really seem excellent:
Cinder, daughter of Bleys
Noys, daughter of Eric
Dagny, daughter of Rinaldo
Jubilation, daughter of ?
Aefre, daughter of ?
Jilly Coppercorn, daughter of Fiona
Folly, daughter of ?

One comment on many of the above— the usual form of the name and the formal form create interesting ideas. Folly might also be Folhcastrix. Jubilation is the formal of Jubilee.

Shapir, son of Julian
Evander, son of Eric
Ingeld, son of ?
Kaedric, son of ?
Withnail, son of ?
Veldt, son of Oberon

One comment on those above— in a con game I ran with some pre-gen characters offered, the premise was to play the sons and daughters of Oberon that are no longer even remembered in Amber during Corwin's narrative. Royals who perished centuries before Faiella came to Amber. Just that idea can put you in a mood for creating interesting names. I'd love to collect rare and interesting names for Amberites.

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