in the Shadow of Greatness


February 18, 2002

Was Oberon the Son of the Unicorn?

Point —- Counterpoint
Was Oberon the son of the Unicorn?

Not a chance. Oberon was a son of Chaos. His methods, his strategy, and his record of holding the kingdom of Amber are clear indications of his Chaosian heritage. More than just being raised in Chaos—this man was a child of Chaos. He must have left that place in loyalty to his father's ambitions or perhaps as accomplice to the theft of the Eye of the Serpent. And likely, Oberon was the one who actually kept Dworkin alive long enough to complete the Amber Project. Dworkin speaks to Oberon in the scene where Corwin impersonates his father impersonating his self in Dworkin's confinement. He speaks of those times, those initial moments of Amber's creation— and he does talk about it in the sense that could be construed as Oberon not have been there. But I feel that this was only Dworkin's archaic use of the tale's perspective. Oberon was there when it happened. Arref, you ignorant slut. You call that an answer? Oberon was son of no woman born. Look at how thoroughly the women of the past are detailed in the story despite the fact that Oberon dismissed them. If there was a Chaosian mother to Oberon, she would have been mentioned. It's just too big an item to overlook. And Oberon born before the Pattern and Amber. Not bloody likely. Oberon is First King because he's part of Amber itself. He's the King that guards the Land. It was Dworkin and Ms. White together at the moment of conception. All that follows is on the heels of that unnatural union of the two. Dworkin conceives Amber. And here's the shocker— Dworkin conceives Oberon at the same moment. That's right, the Unicorn skipped. Ms. White knocked up the old loon and then made a powder. Dworkin is Oberon's mother and father.

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