in the Shadow of Greatness


February 14, 2002

IMC :: Creatures of Power

Creatures of Power that might populate an Amber campaign.

"UnBrood is exiled from our Empire and to the furthest reaches of the Eventide Veil. In the name of the Imperial Seat, we seal this terror beyond the waking Dreams of Men."
-from the Second Empire inscriptions at the dig in Argus, see 'Works of the Second Empire' by Professor Bu Meers, Library of All Things Wonderous-

Unbrood. A class of mythic monsters that have not been physically described anywhere in Shadow. Part of the legends collected in the LATW of the Empire of the Gleaming Banner. Among other mythic monsters of Shadow, the Unbrood hold a curious place. Most creatures are defined by their amazing construction or incredible powers, but not the Unbrood. The Unbrood seem to be indescribable. Too awful to contemplate. Nearly too much to face in combat. Something of pure evil. They were confronted and defeated by the ancestors of the Empire. Information about them is gained from ruins of the Second Cycle Empire. By record, these 'terrors' were noted in singular and in groupings as if they were of the same Great Beast. Yet they were feared whether in packs or a single monster. Most curious.
Slightly more is known about:
The Brood. A race of monster-men that allied with the Empire to defeat the Unbrood. This distant kingdom of shadow-men still exists today, though it has little contact with other shadows. Even the alliance between the Empire and the Loathsome Prince of the Brood has fallen into neglect. The Brood are extremely unpleasant to look upon and their social skills are said to be beastly. They are variously described as walking on all fours, or having heads and limbs distorted or simply larger than ordinary men. In distant Shadow, a location now forgotten by men, the Brood have a contentious and strange society. Their world is said to operate by very different laws than those more travelled by men. And strangely, they are said to know arcane secrets about Time itself.

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