in the Shadow of Greatness


February 13, 2002

IMC :: Kilticore

Ancient Entities. Creatures of Power that might populate an Amber campaign.

In the canon, we hear that some monsters have found their way into Amber. In fact, it is suggested that this event, penetrating the Eternal Realm, is a forbidding omen of terrible things coming.

IMC, this is a feature of Amber: even True Dragons may not enter Amber without guidance of unusual sort. In the same way that a Princess of Amber might not find a specific place that she has never been to—- Amber is one of the most specific places in creation. To know the air of Amber, the color of its sky, or the smell of its surf, is to know part of its secrets. Refined Perceptions have power.

A more true and deadly form of the Manticore is the Kilticore. As the "man's face" is the 'signature feature' of a manticore, the most visual feature of a Kilticore is the "killing aspect". The 'natural' form of a Kilticore will include some sort of obviously deadly element. It may have wings of flame, or breath that constantly storms with lightning, some have been seen that exude toxic vapors, and there is one record of a 'beastie with great hydralic presses, gobbling and smashing without fatigue'.

The Kilticore differs from the True Dragon in many important ways. A Kilticore draws on a tri-lateral symmetry of Primal energies. Three Primals combine to form the nature of a Kilticore, and the creature cannot draw purely on any of the three. As such, the Kilticore is considerably weaker than the Dragon, but it is correspondingly deadly in the blending of those Primal powers. A Kilticore can interact and affect Shadow. They can distort shadow-rules. While a Dragon rarely alters shadow-rules and can largely ignore shadow-veils, including many Shadow magics, a Kilticore is subject to most rules of substance and shadow. And in turn, a Kilticore can reply in kind. Where a Dragon's destructive force might be gross (need I say Primal?), the attacks and arcane might of a Kilticore are greater than any shadow-wizard. The blending of senses, substance, and shadow gives the Kilticore abilities and reach that a Dragon might not learn to recognize.

And Perception is a form of power.
Kilticores have been known to threaten Arden or the seaways leading to Amber—- if they have Primal powers that give them access to these routes. They may take three major forms or combinations of those forms, they can see across three shadow-veils—- able to look even into the Abyss, and they are attracted to mates of their own kind; of their own Primal energies.

In my cosmology, there are Eleven Primals. With Kilticores arranging these powers in triads, there is a frightening variety to the manifestations of this Creature. There are only eleven varieties of True Dragon, as a comparison. Luckily for the universe, Kilticore's are contentious even amongst their own kind. Other than mated pairs, they tend to be solitary. Which is all to the good. This sort of Creature can crush demons and lesser monsters with ease.

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