in the Shadow of Greatness


February 11, 2002

Patriotic Gestures

"We truly are back to where we were before Sept. 11, when a patriotic gesture like this is derided as an attack against God. Or did I slip into an alternate universe, and we have a theocracy of our own here in America?" You can read the rest: Blog, Jvstin Style Now I'm not suffering from a caffiene high or the Monday morning blues— the American Family Association is thinking like the young lady they are championing— very immaturely— with a very narrow and inconsiderate point of view. The sentiment "One Nation ... Indivisible" means exactly what it says unless you want to read more into it. And if you do, then you obviously aren't in agreement with the sentiment. And where does that leave you? Since when is anyone in America guilty until proven innocent? Since when is Negative Evidence the rule of social intercourse? Omitting something is deliberate provocation of religion? That may be fine for water-cooler gossip, but it doesn't meet the standard of mature social interaction. Shame on you AFA. I'll hope for your vision to clear before you carry this further. —rant off

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