in the Shadow of Greatness


February 5, 2002

Wives of Oberon

Returning to the Wives of Oberon
Do PC's become attracted to mates within the game? Do they have children? If the scope of the campaign is large enough, this will be happening. If not with your PC's, then perhaps with their cousins. Or during the seven year abscence of the main Elders from Amber at the end of PatternFall? Why is it that maternal blood is so important? What would that mean about Rinaldo and Merlin? Is Merlin's lack of perception a quality of Dara and her House? Is this an insight into Chaos? Are there literally different brain structures to the amberites because of the Jewel-wrought Pattern? When 'our fathers raged'—- was Dworkin saying something about the inability of Chaos minds to grasp perceptions of Amber? Is there a metaphysical or physical gap with the Chaos antecedants? Is Borel honorable or slow of mind? I don't know that I've ever seen this sort of idea touted around.

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