in the Shadow of Greatness


February 4, 2002

Oberon Picked his Mates

Oberon picked his mates carefully—-for they determined much about his children. Is this a theme in many campaigns?
I would think so. It is an undercurrent in Eternal City, a sub-plot, one that really doesn't come across on the web pages I've built. Variety in the sons/daughters of Oberon.
The solitary children of Cymnea.
The moody bitter offspring of Faiella.
The bright quick sibs from Clarissa.
The outcast daughter of Moins.
The all-around excellent sons of Rilga.
The strange daughter of Dybele.
The tortured offspring of Paulette.
The independant and brilliant children of Lora.
The slightly mad kids of Deela.
The innocent fluke of Kinta.

Where is Oberon in all of them? Mainly their toughness, their mental perspective, their ego it would seem. Few of them seem to have Dworkin bits in the mix either.

Hmmm. "Dworkin bits." Now with extra vitamins and more FIBER!!!

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