in the Shadow of Greatness


January 25, 2002


Cold. Bleh. Home. Tired. Got me last Sunday. Monday's are so necessary to the whole flow of my week—if I don't show up for Monday, I miss the Principal's meeting, the staff meeting, the game plan for the week—so to speak. So of course, I felt good enough to go in Monday. With my trusty box of tissues. I crumbled by afternoon. Tuesday I just slept. Wednesday back at work. Not su much better, but rested. Wednesday eve, Anne returned from California. Thursday—almost feeling like I was over the worst. Exhausted again by evening. If I was good at computers—I'd take time to really figure out code—and do something cool with this page. As is, I'm bobbing in the surf. New things over at Meera's—go see—use links—many goodnesses there.

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