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January 18, 2002

IMC :: PatternGhosts: What are they?

PatternGhosts What are they? Why are they?

If the Pattern isn't creating them by 'Deus Fiat', then they must be the manipulations of someone else with access to the Pattern. Or there are no such things as 'patternghosts' at all.

Two independant observers make for a conspiracy or a fact.

I use PatternGhosts. They show up in odd situations, at strange times, with strange mundane agendas. House about to be wiped out in an explosion? Here is Martin to pull you out, then disappear. Approaching a trap of anti-Amber cultists that plan to ambush you? Here is Gerard to point out a better route, then go on his way. Kidnapped by extremist faction of the Courts? Here is Coral to lend a sword to your rescue—then rush off to something else before she 'melts'. Who tweaks the Pattern to 'emit' these duplicates?

And how does that affect your campaign?

Who could be such a busybody? Who has the connections to know, but not be able to interfere everywhere at leisure? Who could it be?

Who else?

It's either the GM or Dworkin.

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