in the Shadow of Greatness


October 10, 2003


OFFblog there is now an email discussion started about technical hurdles to a StickySerial game. There will be more reportage here when/if anything gets nailed down.

Which doesn't mean I won't be chatting the concept here in the meanwhile.

Kindred: Shared World Serial Campaigns

Kindred's contemplated hurdles would pale a ghost.
I fully expect 'cosmology' to be the 'idea wrecker' of StickySerial.
Probably we need a list of those to discuss. Sort of an outline "InMyCampaign"

Trump limits.
Pattern limits.
Shaping limits.
Magic/Tech limits.
Corwin's P@!!ern limits.
What is the Jewel? Limits?
Unicorn? Offstage?
Serpent? Offstage?

Narrative keys to power use:
Trumps and Trump-block
Spells and counters
Strength and counters
Warfare and counters
Psyche and counters


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