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October 14, 2003

StickySerial Vision

The List of points of congruency is long. Elsewhere someone proposed that you can't decide or get GM agreement before you just dive into the material. Such agreement would take forever and you'd never start the game.

No. I don't think so.

Without shared vision—even shared play-texture to major NPCs, this thing just doesn't go. I submit that GMs who really want a StickySerial will have to at first sit through play sessions with each other. They have to have several non-player sessions up front where they GM for each other. They will have to memorize great lists of common points so that they can answer things on the fly that don't jeopardize the common canon.

It's a labor of love and lots of work.
There is a fair amount of reverse-engineering to this common vision of 'classic Amber'.

0. How did the universe come to be? A million possible stories.
1. What is the origin of Chaos? There are a thousand answers. First Series suggests they have to be Damn Weird. So Oberon becomes 'son of weird'.
2. What is the origin of Amber? Once above is done, then this becomes narrowed to half-a-hundred answers. Oberon, son of weird, builds his desires into 'classic' canon Amber. Why?
3. Who were the wives? What happened to them really? Once above is done, then this opens again to a thousand different stories: each more interesting than the last. Pick ten.
4. Who are the Elders? Why did they choose to be the Legends that they are now? Once above is done, then you can tackle your main NPCs. Most of the voices of the living campaign will come from these twenty or so NPCs.
5. What kind of PCs do you allow in the game? Probably three types distinct by origin. Shadow-scions of Oberon. Amber-scions of Elders. Shadow-scions of Elders.
6. Why do the PCs arrive now? Once above is done, then we can start to talk about themes and stories possible in the StickySerial.

Look at all that. Then look at this inadequate sample checklist for game vision.
StickySerial Vision

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