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October 18, 2003

Under the Sea

Blog, Jvstin Style: Corwin and Moire
Paul goes into some detail as to the different reasons and incarnations of the offspring of Moire and Corwin in Amber games.

What's not to like, right?

Of course, in The Eternal City game, it is Circumstances and not politics or opportunity that rule the reproduction of Amber royals. Corwin has children depending on the special crucible of his joint blood from Oberon and Faiella.

And even if Moire had known Corwin's Circumstance in my game—-Moire would hardly have taken advantage of the diminished Corwin IMC. (Corwin was too much like Eric.)

The royal line of Rebma has always been an ally to the royal line of Amber since the days of the Bloody Grievance. Random might have died by Moire's own hand otherwise.

Rebma is the strong left hand to Amber's defense against the universe IMC. In a way, it is sad that for most of recent history Llewella bears the sole bridge that binds the two families together. Another child would have been a good idea. In my game, Llewella's birth nearly ended the long standing (essential) alliance at three separate points. Much sadness surrounds her young life.

But long ago, Lir was Oberon's hardiest friend and cooler mirror. The two men were a fantastic partnership. Oberon's amazing ability to hold the line no matter what in the huge undertaking that was startup Amber. Lir's ability to talk to people about "why" things were so important and get them to "buy in" to joint efforts. Oberon had little skill with parlay—he had to learn that later. Oberon was the 'juice'. Lir was the 'people person' with wisdom.

When Lir died in battle protecting Oberon—many thought the alliance was finished. There were too many Rebmans who couldn't even have a five minute conversation with Oberon.

And Oberon never again had a friend like Lir.

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