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October 21, 2003

Anxiety and Gaming

This will be the third entry on Anxiety and Gaming. Once when I started Celina in "House of Cards". Once when I was thinking about the days leading up to a con. This one slightly different.

The topic is making the rounds at blogs I read.

Anxiety is usually considered the opposite of fun. My thesaurus says, worry, nervous, misgiving, and sixteen more words that don't come anywhere near fun.

Gaming with fear. What can counter these fears?

Trust. The level of trust can be high, but do we always trust ourselves? So we worry. Intimacy. How do you measure out something we are all loathe to give?
Don't know. Can't. So you have misgivings about even starting the process.

So in an effort to game; to have fun, we expose ourselves to anxiety. Even if we don't measure some phantom yardstick of how likely our effort will generate fun—we know at a gut level that in reaching for fun, we can lose our balance and fall down.

Maybe. I mean it's natural to think it will happen. You reach. Too far. Oops. Fall down. Ouch!

But that's if you are alone. If you're with friends, they'll help you with something that's just beyond your reach, or steady your elbow if you totter.

We're back to trust and communcation.
You don't have to have it for every kind of game. Then again, I don't want to be part of every kind of game. I enjoy that steady hand on my elbow that tells me I can reach a little farther and someone will catch me if I fall. Part of my fun is that others are having fun too. Hey, if I fall—maybe it will be in a funny way that will entertain others—or illuminate human nature.

Go ahead. Look around. All warm bodies have nerves and so get nervous.
Reach. I won't let you fall.

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