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November 5, 2003

Endurance :: king of attributes

Shadows of Amber :: Amberites and Piercings

In your campaign(s), can Amberites and those with Amber level endurance, who do not have or possibly know about shape shifting, retain pieceings, tattoos, implants, scarification, branding, or the effects of other body modification procedures such as tight lacing (corsetry), hormone augmentation or replacement, foot binding, etc.?
—sable twilight

IMC, I've been very strict with Endurance to insure it is a powerful option/choice for building characters. My answers therefore may sound a bit extreme.


  • Princess Florimel does not leave her pierced earrings out for several days in a row, because the holes will start to close.
  • One NPC royal who sports tatoos gets them redone on an annual basis.
  • Implants must be made of material that is body-neutral in both tech or magic shadows. They must also resist pound per square inch pressures of a certain threshold.
  • Wounds scar, but scars eventually heal in additional time equal to the original wound heal. If a wound healed in two weeks, the scar will be gone in another two.
  • Branding is a seared sealed wound. Healing is at one-half normal rate.
  • Pressure/binding modification is one-quarter as effective, but heals at normal rates.
  • Chemical modification is one-half as effective, but heals at normal rates.
  • Molecular modification is effective, but heals at one-half normal rates.
  • Advanced Shaping (the skill/talent/power to shape others) is effective and heals at one-quarter normal rate.
  • Exalted Shaping is effective and does not heal. You are stuck with the changes unless you can get another ESS to help.

I do allow for Royals to desire the change—and for that to influence the restoration. However, this gets into a complicated quiz with the Character about the desire versus the history of the Character.

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