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November 20, 2003

Rebma has fires

Shadows of Amber :: The Center of All Things :: It's the wet season...

Can you have a fire in Rebma? And if so...
What do you put it out with?
Can you swing a bucket through the air - er, water - and drop the contents over a fire to put it out?

There are three kinds of fire in Rebma:

1. the fire of the lantern- this flickering sort of flame we see on the stair and also in streets of Rebma. This works by sorcery and requires tending with fuel (like coal.) You cannot put it out without a spell or using up the fuel.

2. the fire of the forge- this heat stays in ember coals of a special stone. It is not sorcery, but an eso-elemental use of power. Metalworking uses this. Extremely hard to start, and hard to put out.

3. the emerald flame- wielded by the Guardian of the Emerald Flame. This is the fire that allows life in the waters of Rebma. Proof against the crushing powers of the sea. Only true fire can put out this flame.

A bucket? Nope.
But that's a great way to feed fish.

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