in the Shadow of Greatness


January 8, 2004

ACUS :: 2004 :: Games

Games submitted

Slot 1: The Dead Tell 'Know Tales'

PCs are ghosts of Castle Amber at the Harvest Festival Ball. The night you might gain the attention of the Living in Castle Amber. Contact GM to select one of the famous (or not) ghosts of Castle Amber. Consort with your fellows though the night. Remind the Living of the past. Even if the Living pay no attention, you can swap tales with your fellow haunts.

approx. 9 ghosts to select from
Roleplay with 'bring-yer-own' plot.

Slot 2: When you have Illuminated the Impossible

experimental game
bring pre-gens or GM supplies
Chaos, Amber, or Shadow PCs
Player supplied pre-gens must have associated past pleasant experience with Courts.

Trump anomaly has 'pregens PCs' possessed by strange humors. Players will possess someone else's pregen and play against their 'token' resistance.

Events start at Courts of Chaos celebration with invites from King Merlin. An important social engagement is made mad by our cross-brained Characters.

Roleplay with 'bring-yer-own' plot.

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