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January 29, 2004

The Nature of Fans

Blog, Jvstin Style: 20' by 20 Room on the Nature of Fans
Liking Jvstin's comments about RPing fans and their influence on game material. He points to the orig source on 20x20.

I think the comments are good too.

And then here is the original material that inspired 20x20 that I find interesting:

Fans, from what I can tell, want the perception of a coherent, consistent experience. They don't necessarily want their side to win — though that'd be nice, on occasion — but they want to feel like things happen for a reason, rather than editorial fiat, and that the story of the Big Game played by the same rules as the game they might play.

This being "fans" of a game, versus players of a game.

And in effect, game makers ought to be creating games that tap the "fan" aspect, where you want to know about the NPCs as much as play the game yourself.

I'm not sure I am such a 'fan' or that I'd switch to being one. OTOH, I have lurked games where I "root for" particular PCs.

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