in the Shadow of Greatness


February 9, 2004

IMC :: universe as carrot

IMC: the Courts are the end of shadow.

If the universe had a shape it would be a sphere with Amber as its center. Except that this sphere would be pulled out of shape, southward, in the direction of Chaos to a point about ten times the radius of the sphere.

So far, PC and Elder explorations of the Abyss have resulted in near-death experiences.

Step way back: the universe is shaped like a carrot—-with all the patterns on the fat end.

Even to the 'root' being down at the narrow pointed end, perhaps in a irregular rooted tuber shape. That is where the Courts of Chaos is.

Even Corwin's Pattern, done so close to Chaos, is in the "fat end" of the Infinite Carrot. Distance only has metaphoric meaning in our 'carrot map'.

For what I am really describing is a huge infinity as the "fat end" and a small infinity as the "root end" of the universe. In that sense, it is not possible to "push out" of the carrot's skin. In the interior sense, you can push all you want, moving through more and more shadow until you reach conditions at the skin where you really don't want to push anymore. Conditions that fail the test of shadow are not conditions that folks want to experience.

In this example, the non-existent dimension of the skin would be the Eventide Veil.

The 'carrot' also bleeds at the root—which is important, but beside the point here.

And there is a subtle but awesome current running from the fat infinity to the small infinity.

Yet within the 'carrot' there is another level of Reality where exist Things that have not become Real. And beneath that, another level of UnReality where exist UnThings that have not become Impossible.

In short, the universe is so vast and so interesting that you might spend all your time investigating it—and fail to see but a small fraction. Chaos can be thought of as a 'pole', but Amber really cannot. Neither would Corwin's Pattern be a pole.

What is outside the universe, including the Abyss, is impractical to discover and deadly serious to toy with.

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