in the Shadow of Greatness


February 18, 2004

Warfare Sucks BigTime

Here is something to think about:

We live in a world where war has rules. We feel that even killing has civil boundaries. We are very sure that there are some forms of war that will take us all down into oblivion.

Why wouldn't the idea of escalation also apply to Warfare?

Put this another way. Gamer speak:
Benedict can kill anyone he likes or needs to.
He doesn't.
One might think that Benedict can solve every problem by killing something.
He can't.
Only a young fool would think so.

If someone uses a weapon that no one else has access to—what happens in response in the environ? The war changes drastically. It becomes un-conventional, or guerilla, or desperate in some manner.

Benedict might be a man who knows that his hand must always be held back as a policy.

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