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March 11, 2004

Amber: the physical feats

Shadows of Amber :: Canon Law :: What Kind of Physical Feats Do You Allow?

IMC dramatic flow is seldom stymied by the physical actions of an amberite unless it really makes sense.

So while I don't have specific numbers for each PC, I have a stepped system of responses to such questions.

When just having fun or showing off, the abilities are greater than anyone else in the game. When compared to a family member, they are about the same and some advantages may accrue because of your character description or something in your back story.

When in combat, the abilities are often greater than the PC has ever realized.

When about to die, the abilities are great enough to get the PC into hurting themselves badly as they scramble to get out of a deathtrap.

And I have a "rule of thumb guide" for how much Strength and Endurance tapping means to the physical feats.

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