in the Shadow of Greatness


March 23, 2004

...tired of Amber?

I've heard the heart of rock-n-roll is still beating.

How about the heart of Amber gaming?

There's the notion that the game lives on the web more than in game stores because the two game books are still in print but without reissue or revamp in ten years. Online, the game has permutations and philosophy and tweaks accumulating to send it in new directions. Or at least give it a shiny paint job.

Amber done with Everway.
Amber done with Pool.
Amber done with Narrative Style.

Maybe the heart of Amber gaming is online. Maybe it isn't.

enter: amber game online rpg into Google and get 25,000 results add: zelazny get 858 results
This week in several different locations, I've again seen folks excited about 'finding' Amber gamers online. Newcomers to bulletin boards. Other folks trying to startup new games.

For any warts and 'age marks', the interest in Amber gaming is out there and potentially greater than what one person can see.

But the 'old guard' might be tired and fading. Even gamers get old.

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