in the Shadow of Greatness


March 30, 2004

the Cobalt Charter

game seed:

Clandestine Chronicles
of the
Cobalt Charter
Challid Julia Barnes-Sawall
We of many Bloods declare ourselves Sisters of this Charter. We the Damned Few.

Because they will not change.

Because I have come to see that our fathers, brothers and sons are blind to things that must change outside the boundaries of my Blood of origin.

Because from this day forth, I place this Oath above clan, family, king, or gods.

Because I shall not stand by while I have the vision and power to act despite what kings and gods may deem fit.

And I further swear that the members of the Cobalt Charter shall be to me, each and every one, as my mother, my sister or my daughter, born of one Blood with me, and that no woman sealed by oath to the Charter shall appeal to me in vain.

From this moment, I swear to obey all the protocols of the Cobalt Charter and any charter command of my Challid, or the Charter Body.

If I betray any secret of the Charter, or prove false to my oath, I shall submit myself to the Challid for response as She shall demand. If I fail in this, then may every Sister's hand turn against me, let them slay me like a beast and consign my remains unburied to corruption and my soul to the merciless Abyss.

The Cobalt Charter binds them in Blood.

It is a group of women that meets in a masked and hidden place under the turnings of a broken sky. Born in many shadows, they come together under the Very Watch of great kingdoms to work their Secret Will upon Shadow.

Having agreed to their Will, they act and suffer no man or god to stand in their way.

Game notes:
Build a female character of the Cobalt Charter for 50 points. Your Player Character may not have Pattern or Logrus.

Build also the "mission" your PC will bring to the next Charter meeting in a description to convince your fellow Sisters to work their Secret Will. Do not exceed 250 words with your description.

If your "mission" includes an Antagonist, build that person for 150 points and briefly describe them for the GM.

If you wish to play the game, but do not have time to do the prep work, a pre-gen Player Character of Zero Points will be provided for you at the game.

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