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April 5, 2004

IMC :: magic in Amber DRPG

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This one will be interesting.

Sorcery, conjuring, demonology, necromancy, elemental specialists, scrying, dreams, illusions, glamour.

It's a big universe out there. What do you want from your "low point" powers and how do you keep the Logrus/Pattern in their genre niches? How do you keep the five Attributes "safe" from magic nullification?

My working premise has been this:
Pattern and Logrus are of a primal order that can enhance or rip magic to shreds. Magic is an enrionmental effect within a shadow that cannot cross boundaries of shadow unless conditions between the two points of shadow and all between are suitable to the magic.

In my games, you cannot teleport from the Golden Circle to Amber. You cannot keep a lot of spells running in Amber. Amber does not support magic well—-Chaos does. Amber does not support technology well, Chaos does not either, but it could by crafting a local condition.

In my games, as long as magical effects are shadow environ based and local effect, they work well. Magic and Technology are two scales based on the structure of shadow.

In my games, you cannot have a sorcerer place a spell on himself that makes him a Warfare god. Or one that moves him about faster than Benedict can react. Or one that allows him to punch-out Gerard. Or one that allows him to disintegrate Corwin.

Magic and technology are limited "swiss army knife" mechanics that are more effect than substance.

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