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April 6, 2004

Monday Mashup #34: Madonna

Population: One: Monday Mashup #34: Madonna
I don't do much "mashing" being so Amber-centric in my gaming, but everyone got so darn creative this week that I found myself typing.

Perverse Access Memory: Monday Mashup 34: Madonna
Blog, Jvstin Style: Monday Mashup: Madonna

Madonna. Amber.
A natural, right?

Well, yes. With her vaguely heart-shaped face, I've used her as Moire or Moins or other wild women of Rebma.

Madonna also makes a good Paulette, if you take that marriage as Oberon's fling for something Very Different and Wild. The fact that Paulette produces the 'runt drummer' in the family royale is just one of those things I think about too much.

Here's my mashup:
Madonna is the daughter of the Unicorn by Dworkin, born after Amber was Formed, as opposed to Oberon being born before Amber's creation.

Oberon doesn't know this.

And then that Daughter is every one of Amber's Queens through seasons of change. She leaves and returns to Amber over and over again, blending her will and grace into the lines of Oberon. Chameleon? No, not quite. She changes with the Seasons of Amber's Need. Of the King's Purpose. Of the Land of Amber.

She is the mate Oberon needs when he needs it most. She is the LandQueen of Amber through all its possibilities. Cymnea, young and strong. Faiella, moody and mysterious. Clarissa, brash and alien. Moins, bewitching and passionate. Dybele, wild and then gone. Rilga, loyal and giver to many. Lora. Paulette. Harla. Kinta.

Only Deela the Desecratrix is the dark intruder insect caught in amber destiny. Only Deela is the Other Woman.

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