in the Shadow of Greatness


May 25, 2004

Laws player types

Player Types (from Glen Blacow and Robin Laws)
There is something immediate and practical about these types. I think one type is missing ... and I wish I could remember what that one was that I thought of. Brain broke ... maybe later.

Perverse Access Memory: GNS Vocabulary
I find myself (again ... surprise) sitting in the stands next to Ginger. I've waded through the Forge threads off and on. I've tried to figure how my hobby could possibly end up harder to explain than quantum physics. I've seen folks who tried to participate in Forge discussions get sideswiped by the community if they questioned the Theory.

Even more, this whole GNS seems to be slanted towards an analysis of game design and game performance, rather than gamer setup.

Which I find backwards.

I'd rather have a lingo that told me how to slant the game I want to run towards gamers who are asking to participate. I think the Robin Laws system does this.

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