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June 30, 2004

Amber, the Blockbuster

The Masters' Council :: View topic - [Amber] DUDE/Alan Smithee Project

I did have an idea for doing "Amber, the movie" as a reaction to the casting thread. I thought the five Attributes ought to be:

BoxOffice: your status with the uncreative beancounters who want you in the film, controls conflict with the admin controllers, including Producer, Agents, and Marketing. Spills over to your In-Crowd status in Hollywood.

Chops: your status with the acting profession, controls conflict with the part you have and tweaks to script. Killer in important scenes.

CameraLove: your mystic connection with the camera and audience, controls your dailies, and maybe the Oscar, if your don't screw up with Chops. Also spills over to your personal sex appeal regardless of actual appearance.

RealThing: your actual skills without movie magic. Controls your stunt work, physical aptitudes, stamina, and nearly everything that makes you a regular person.

Baggage: the personal Stuff you bring to the movie that will either be Good or Bad on how folks perceive your efforts. Could be rumor, history, including secrets like Drunk, or Junkie. Or great stuff like, Always On Time, and Knows Lines.

I think doing this with two or three GMs would be best. Studio GM, Director GM, maybe etc.

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