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July 9, 2004

Game Dream 4 :: Books

Game Dream 4: Dude, Read This Book!
What is the role, if any, that movies and books play in your campaigns? When entering a new genre, how important do you feel seeing (or reading) a good genre example becomes? Have you ever been assigned a "mood" book to read by the GM, or gone to a group movie viewing? How do you feel about game-based fiction, whether "pulp" novels or movie attempts?
I wouldn't be a GM but for books.

Or as one of my Players if fond of saying, "a book that never ends... what's not to like?"

In a real sense, movies and books have never been the same since I started GMing and thereby spinning interactive tales with my friends.

But there is no question that books first informed my idea of what adventure and myth and tales are about. Starting with the stories you'd be read at night, moving quickly to the ones kids read to themselves, I've included references here again and again to the cross-pollination of media.

Something about being witness to cool adventure puts folks in mind to experience it all again. Thus are born RPG games specific to Farscape, Matrix, Pleasantville, etc.

And most of the folks I game with are movie/book fans... or have gotten more serious about it since starting RPG.

Game based fiction is another story.

Writing is hard work. It's not for everyone, and requires burning a lot of time and energy to make product. More than one gamer complains that it is something that takes away from gaming time.

But if you can't stop yourself... game fiction can be fun.

Here's a library of such for the campaign, Strange Bedfellows.

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