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July 12, 2004

film review casting 'Mask'

Jvstin gives a brief film report on "Mask of Fu Manchu" which is an obscure film and an obscure connection to the Eternal City campaign.

I cast Fiona as Myrna Loy, femme fatale. But not based on this film which I haven't seen. Instead based on her clever repartee, elegance, and ability to look demure while running circles around otherwise competant men.

While in various stages of her career she was an exotic siren, the 'Queen' of Hollywood, the 'perfect screen-wife', the professional mother, and the elegant granddame, she always brought understated charm and simmer to her roles.

For those interested, her career is subject of this article.

Note how the author refers to many qualities that you might think Zelazny could apply to Fiona.

the sleek, sassy nose
smooth as a brandy-laced eggnog
eyeing leading men with a gravely elfin look
the spirited equal

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