in the Shadow of Greatness


July 14, 2004

Warfare gods beware

Shadows of Amber :: Canon Law :: Warfare Verus Strength

I think there are two flaws being waved about from my perspective:

1. Holistic Attributes and discussions about mortal experience and mortal logic undermine the basic ADRPG concept of few Attributes and the elegant fundamental differences between Amberites and regular folks.

2. As soon as you say you 'need' one Attribute to get best effect from another Attribute you have conceded the debate to the Holistic approach.

For even Endurance, the great equalizer of ranks, comes into play only after comparison of Attributes in conflict.

ADRPG allows there are three conflict Attributes and one tie-breaker Attribute. That's simple, balanced, and has its own logic that mirrors the books quite well.

Once you say that better Warfare allows you to dodge Strength and Psyche ... you have a game that is dominated by Warfare. You have a game where Warfare is the only conflict Attribute backed up by three tie-breaker Attributes.

Which certainly might be perfect first-series interpretation, but isn't my reading of the rules.

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